Bullets & Snickers: or “An interpretation of the song "Don't Speak (Came to Make a Bang)"”

This project came about from a class assignment.


Our professor told us we had to make a music video. Only we couldn't have a band. Or anyone lip-syncing. We had to creatively interpret a song complete with moodboards and storyboards for presentation. When I showed my ideas to everyone, I said I wanted a heist with gun-toting, kickass women, fights and car chases. My peers thought it was too ambitious for the timeframe and student budget (which was basically ten bucks and change). 


They were right. I never really did get my car chase sequence filmed. 


Writing, direction, cinematography and editing by me. No professional actors were used. No men were hurt by the badass women. Enjoy the gun-toting femme fatales while they kick ass.

Finding Nemo Nobody: a re-imagined title sequence

This short came about from a class assignment.


We all watched Mr. Nobody and were tasked with re-envisioning the title sequence. Intrigued by both non-narrative Dadaist/Surrealist cinema as well as the seemingly non-narrative elements of title sequences for many contemporary cinematic projects, I sought to create a non-narrative, surrealist piece which alludes to the narrative of the film.


Writing, direction, cinematography and editing by me. No professional actors were used. Enjoy.

Murmurs Protocols

Visual poetry. A documentation/interpretation of the Murmurs Protocols by artist Travis Dodd.


Dodd recently installed his latest work Murmurs. The video is an artistic interpretation of the mythic protocols as well as a form of documentation. For more information on Dodd as well as his artist statement and other works, visit travisdodd.